Drama lessons

4-6 years

In this age group we would concentrate on bringing out their confidence and the ability to be comfortable around each other which is very important in the early stages of drama so they have freedom with their own creativity and get to explore what they can do and find them self as a performer. We would do improvisation exercises such as freeze and change where two people would start an improvised scene and others would freeze the scenario and jump and change the scene. And various other improvisational exercises so the children can get comfortable interacting with each other and gain confidence ready to start working on written work in the future.

7-9 years

In this year group as well as carrying on with improvisation, we would start to work on our voices as well, such as tongue twisters to get pronunciation right, and start looking at different dialects so children can get a foundation on different accents so they can add that to their character work. I will also introduce scripts for their age where they will concentrate on having the freedom of creating a character and performing the script with guidance from me and seeing what they can do with characters and get them use to reading from a script and performing at the same time.

10-14 years

In this year group we would concentrate on sight reading. The children will learn to be put on the spot and read a script they have never seen before and perform it, then we would all sit down and analyse the script, talk about what is happening in the scene, where has the character come from , who are they, what have they done before the scene etc. and then after give the time to take the information in, work on it for a few minutes then perform it again and see the differences when they first performed it and give them the foundation to start doing this when they first get a script.

15+ years

In this group we would work on audition technique, how to present yourself if you attended an acting casting for a tv, film, or adverts and start working on short scenes from these with all the same principles of analysing the script that I would do with the 10-14 year olds, then I would give them audition scenarios for tv or film where they would have to think of the character in depth and audition as if they were in real life and adverts where they might be asked to do random things which they will not expect. These will help them jump through these obstacles more confidently and also have fun when doing so. We will also have a look at various writers from stage as well, from modern to classic, and work on how stage acting is very different to tv, and concentrate on the differences between the two and teach the children what not to do and do when it comes to camera work and stage. I will give them monologues or duologues to go and work on and also help them in class to analyse it and work on it so they understand and come back and perform it confidently from Shakespeare to more recent and modern writers.


Level Age Group Day Time Price
Drama 1 Ages 4 - 6 Friday 16:15 - 17:00 Start from £9.00
Drama 2 Ages 7-8 Friday 17:00 - 18:00 Start from £9.00
Drama 3 Ages 9-13 Friday 18:00 - 19:00 Start from £9.00