Emanuela Marcu

     Emanuela Marcu  is a London-based Romanian artist educator whose fine art projects range from painting, printmaking and installation art to collaborative, interdisciplinary art projects, participatory art and artistic interventions within the educational space.

     One of her recent projects was  a collaborative art educational practice reuniting the fields of fine art and theatre  created  for the educational department of the National Gallery.It consisted in a series of 5 art workshops lead by Emanuela Marcu and theatre director Francesca Camozzi  at Grimsdyke School in London that culminated with the creation of a collective, interactive art piece shown in the National Galley in front of Tintortetto’s painting that inspired it (https://the-dots.com/projects/national-gallery-bright-lights-festival-project-glistening-heroes-painting-the-inner-light-145416 ). 

     Emanuela Marcu graduated from the Painting Department of the Universty of Art in Bucharest and the Philology Department of the University of Bucharest and holds a Fine Art MA degree awarded by Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, the University of the Arts London. Her artistic language has been influenced by abstract expressionism, by conceptual art and the Fluxus movement  and by the social sculpture of Joseph Beuys.

Tags: Tutors, Tutors/Art