Roos Kruijswijk

Roos Kruijswijk is a contemporary singer, graduating from Middlesex University in London with a BA in Music Performance (Voice & Production). She has experience in a wide variety of music genres, from jazz and pop to metal.


Roos’ passion has always been for singing. Hailing from the Netherlands, she played her own music with a big brass ensemble when she was only thirteen years old. Being involved with many music projects and contests at an early age led her to move to England just three years later and start her own originals band that played in several venues in and around London.


Besides her personal music endeavours and collaborative cross-genre projects, Roos spends most of her time performing with her four-part harmony vocal group ‘The Rhapsodies’, lounge ‘vocal & piano’ acts and function bands. She has performed in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden in various venues and at a wide range of arts and music festivals.


She also directs, arranges for and organises ‘The Bridge Choir’ in London Bridge, which she set up in 2013. Roos teaches singing privately and is also a vocal tutor at the ‘The London School of Arts’, Enfield, with a focus on applying good technique to support healthy singing in all contemporary genres.

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