Irem Bassil (Sayilgan)

Irem has been studying music all her life. She began playing piano at the age of six and in 1993 she was accepted for a scholarship to attend Bilkent University Conservatory Department of Music, specialising in Violin.

In 2003 she completed her study at Bilkent University Conservatory Department of Music with a Distinction and from here she progressed to continue her study in violin at Anatolia University State Conservatory, Department of Music.

In 2009 she also went on to study a Bachelor of Theatre degree at Near East University in Cyprus from which she also graduated with Distinction.

During her time at Bilkent University Conservatory and Anatolia University State Conservatory she played a multitude of concerts with Bilkent University Prep-school Orchestra, Anatolia University Youth Symphony Orchestra and Anatolia Symphony Orchestra including concerts in Koln, Germany and a tour of concert halls across Turkey. She has also performed in numerous theatre plays in Turkey, Cyprus and the UK.

She moved to London in 2013 and started her own private tuition business. During this time she worked as a freelance performer and tutor, teaching private violin and piano lessons as well as classes and workshops across London, in music and drama. She has also performed with Collaborative Orchestra (London) and is currently performing with contemporary alternative-rock group, Springh.



Vezhdi’s talent for music was discoved by his sister’s music teacher . Vezhdi started to practice music at age 5, joined piano and keyboard lessons for the next five years. He was living in Tekirda─č / Çorlu until 2002 and then he joined Music Talent Exam and he was accepted to Eskisehir Music High School . He learned to play ‘Viola’  ‘Piano’ and also learned about ‘music theory’ ‘music history’ ‘turkish music history’ during these 4 years of  high school period . After Music High School Vezhdi continued with his music life in Canakkale Onsekizmart University Department of Music to become music Teacher, (2006 – 2010). During his study in Canakkale Onsekizmart University he attended many Viola, Piano, Choir concerts in Turkey and also in Greece, Serbia – Montenegro, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. After 4 succesful years in Canakkale Onsekizmart University Vezhdi graduated and became a Music Teacher. In 2011 Vezhdi moved to London to learn English, to get new work experience and also to do Master in Musical Harmony.


Elif YILMAZ  graduated from State Conservatory of Uludag University as a violinist. Than she got pedagogical experience certificate from Faculty Music Education Department of Uludag University as a violin and piano teacher.

She also had opportunety to participate some of the music authority’s masterclases. Some of them were Maxim Vengerov, Valery Oistrakh, Itzhak Rashkovsky, Mihael Aranovich, Shlomo Mintz, Alexander Markov, Peter Fisher, Nathaniel Vallois, , Cihat Askin, Suna Kan, Özcan Ulucan.

She gave a concert as a soloist accompany with Academic Chamber Orchestra of Afyon University at the III. International Marsyas Culture-Art and Music Festival with Academic Chamber Orchestra of Nilufer in Bursa, Bolu and with Orchestra of Uludag University. Also she did some recital some part of Turkey.

She had played in many orchestras. One of them was “Turkey National Youth Symphony Orchestra” conducted by Cem Mansur. They gave some concerts in Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Kassel, Dortmund, Linz, Bonn, Essen, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara, Bodrum, Antalya. They also won the firs prize with Ahmet Altinel's composition at the Young Euoru Classic festival in Berlin. One of them was Regional State Symphony Orchestra of Bursa.

In these concerts she took a part as a concertmaister also first and second violinist.

ne of them was Regional State Symphony Orchestra of Bursa.

In these concerts she took a part as a concertmaister also first and second violinist