Vezhdi’s talent for music was discoved by his sister’s music teacher . Vezhdi started to practice music at age 5, joined piano and keyboard lessons for the next five years. He was living in Tekirda─č / Çorlu until 2002 and then he joined Music Talent Exam and he was accepted to Eskisehir Music High School . He learned to play ‘Viola’  ‘Piano’ and also learned about ‘music theory’ ‘music history’ ‘turkish music history’ during these 4 years of  high school period . After Music High School Vezhdi continued with his music life in Canakkale Onsekizmart University Department of Music to become music Teacher, (2006 – 2010). During his study in Canakkale Onsekizmart University he attended many Viola, Piano, Choir concerts in Turkey and also in Greece, Serbia – Montenegro, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. After 4 succesful years in Canakkale Onsekizmart University Vezhdi graduated and became a Music Teacher. In 2011 Vezhdi moved to London to learn English, to get new work experience and also to do Master in Musical Harmony.

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