London School of Arts was established five years ago and since then our mission has been to work with the best teachers and inspire students to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. We are London’s finest Art school that has all the art branches; Art, Drama, Dance, Music etc under the same roof. We have professional, highly qualified and experienced tutors that can teach any level at any age, therefore within these years we have had tremendous achievements in Grade Examinations. As a school we give great importance to the quality of the education. We make sure our students learn the theory with the notes and all the other techniques about their own instruments. This makes a big difference in their Grade Exams and their future music career after graduating from LSA. Not only in Music but also in all the other courses our aim is the same. We aim to inspire, encourage and equip our students to succeed.

Why choose LSA?

There are plenty of good reasons to choose LSA. First of all we are very proud of our achievements and we can assure you that regardless of which art branch you choose our goal is to make our students love what they do and learn in the friendliest environment you can ever find. Having all these great art branches in one school creates an amazing atmosphere, students share knowledge, encourage each other to practice and get better. Also they show interest to try different arts that helps them discover their other talents. We strongly believe that this is an amazing opportunity for students to succeed. Another great reason to choose LSA is our One to One private music lessons. One to One classes are very effective as teachers’ focus is absolutely on one student. As we all know each student has different learning styles and different talents. With these private classes our aim is to analyze the needs of each student and make their journey to success easier.

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